Syracuse 'Easy' washing machine, made in 1912 by the Syracuse Washing Machine Corporation, New York, USA. Patent number: R93060-US dated 26/3/1912. The same or a similar model was still being advertised in 1928 (Australian Home Beautiful, 1 Dec 1928, p.7).

The washing machine was donated to Museums Victoria by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) in 1990. The SEC (established 1921) acquired the machine at an unknown date; it was stored at the SEC Public Relations Branch as display material.

Physical Description

Syracuse electric washing machine. One large copper barrel and one smaller one connected at the base and by a metal frame. Inside the larger cylinder is stainless steel with a stainless steel agitator consisting of three inverted cup shapes connected to a central vertical rod which turns. The base of the cylinder has ridges radiating from the centre. To the right of the washing barrel is a smaller barrel for rinsing. A metal switch on top can be set on either 'suds' or 'rinse'. The cylinder has a hinged lid which fits snuggly and can be fastened. A separate stainless steel basket fits inside the cylinder for spinning washing. The basket is perforated with holes. The lid for the larger cylinder has been extensively repaired. Settings for machine are 'suds', 'rinse' or 'blue'. Uses vacuum cup agitation technology.

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