Alternative Name(s): Coffee Grinder

Made by Enterprise Manufacturing Company Patent no. 14., circa 1873. Used in the kitchen at Sunbury Lunatic Asylum circa 1890.

Physical Description

Coffee grinder has 2 huge (63cm diam.)vertical wheels with petal-shaped spokes. Each has wooden handle. Between them sits an oval-shaped iron casket which open on hinge to expose 1 fixed and 1 revolving circular grinding blade revolving one attached to axle between wheels. Into round chute on top of grinder is fitted chute at base of 43cm high plated brass coffee bean holder which is shaped like flattened ball surmounted by large trumpethead with stepped dome on top. Upper half of dome section opens on hinge. Knob on top is a more modern replacement. Bottom of receptacle is very battered and has been mended with solder. Hinge also soldered. Below grinder is inverted U-shaped frame attached to base shaped like huge upside-down dish. See also Accession Sheet.

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