Wheelchair used at Mont Park Hospital for the Insane circa 1920.

Physical Description

Wheelchair is a fairly broad, upright wooden armchair with 2 wheels between legs and a 3rd behind. Running between legs on each side are 2 convex-bowed wooden struts. At widest point a short axle runs between them, supporting a 32cm diameter, wire-spoked wheel with narrow, hard rubber rim. Metal pipe running down back of chair is attached to backward curving metal fork which supports axle of 3rd wheel. Pipe swivels, allowing wheel to turn sideways. Metal pipe-handle with flattened, angled ends runs across back of chair at top. Broad, flat, wooden footrest is hinged to strut between bottom of 2 front legs. Footrest supported on each side by a brass chain.


Example of mobility aid used in a Victorian mental health hospital

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