Punch and Verifier, circa 1950. Used in the Mental Health Research Institution, Parkville Victoria Australia, circa 1950. Used to tabulate data.

Physical Description

65 column punch and verifier for making punched record cards. Punch is rack of 12 vertical pins housed in oblong metal box, set right of centre, on long, flat cast-iron base. Punch operated by small keyboard on top of box. Record card is placed on base to left of punch. Notched bar with numbers 0-65 printed along tin strip on top is screwed above back of base. 2nd slideable, notched bar sits in front of it. This has pointer to numbers on strip and has bridge and handle at far end. It slides horizontally to required number, sliding card to right position under punch. Machine sits on flat wooden stand, raised 5cm at back.


Example of data processing equipment used in a psychiatric hospital institution in Victoria Australia

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