Electric Singer sewing macine used in a mental health hospital In Victoria, Australia, circa 1945

Physical Description

Motorised sewing machine (31-K-20) on cast-iron stand with H-shaped ends with legs splayed out at bottom with one crosspiece and 2 diagonals at back and one bar across bottom, to which is attached a large oblong treadle to operate the motor. Machine is set in a wooden table protruding on left-hand end under which is attached 1 drawer and a small switchbox. Barrel shaped 1/2hp motor is bolted below table at back on right, linked to treadle by a lever and rod. Rubber flybelt leads from wheel on one end of motor through holes in table, to wheel on machine. There is a subsidiary wheel screwed to table just below machine wheel which can be tilted to connect with flybelt, (purpose unknown). Machine is painted black, with ornate, gold-lettered brand names.


Example of sewing equipment used in Victorian mental health hospitals

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