Pram with black leather upholstery. It is probably Edwardian, and described at that period as 'carriage style'; the hood was originally reversable jointed. Used in Melbourne after 1900.

Physical Description

Wooden framed, steel sprung perambulator upholstered in black leather for two infants. Two seats face each other, each with buttoned leather back. Base is formed by 3 removable buttoned cushions. Beneath a small removable panel reveals wooden storage compartment. The smooth internal leather sides of the pram feature an edging of braid 1.5cm wide. Buckled leather straps are attached onto the braid on either side of pram, intended to hold occupants into place. The wooden exterior of pram is painted glossy black and finished with a fine (2mm) decorative line of gold. Pram is attached onto its sprung base by six buckled leather straps. Rubber trimmed wheels. The handle, trimmed with brass, is of rounded, black painted wood. The pram was originally hooded.

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