Industrial Singer motorised single needle plain sewing machine, model 591, D305A, on a bench made by the Singer Sewing Machine Co. It was used at Gloweave P/L circa 1960s to 1997.

The Melbourne-based company was established in 1944 under the name Comfort Shirt and Underclothing Manufacturing Company and originally made military shirts and undergarmets. In 1950 Saul Same changed the organisation's focus by designing shirts that were more stylish and fashionable and the business soon became a well-respected menswear retailer. Four years later the company changed its name to Gloweave, the nylon fabric name of its most popular and best selling shirt. Gloweave is still in operation today and has expanded its range to include a wide variety of men's and women's clothing.

Physical Description

Commercial Singer motorised single needle plain sewing machine, with a 240 volt electric motor. The model is 591, D305A, and the serial number is 0834310353. The machine is metal covered with a green/grey paint. The machine is mounted on a plywood table covered with Laminex. The number 133 has been painted onto the back of the machine with red paint. A plastic light is connected to the top of the machine. Secured to the underside of the table is a plastic container which contains scraps of fabric, a drawer containing spare parts such as bobbins, and the mechanics which power the machine. On the top of the table is two spools to place thread. There is also a holder onto which a hollow metal rod sits. Secured to the rod are plastic tubes and cords associated with power and other workings on the machine. The table sits on metal legs covered with the same paint as the machine. There is a peddle in between the two legs of the base, mounted on a bar at foot level. There are self-adhesive paper labels on the top of the table: one is in the front right corner and has the words "Mason Greene 9326 6000 / Lot 87" printed on it in maroon coloured ink. The number 87 was written on with a black marker pen. A paper label with the number 87 written on it in black ink has been tied to the top of the machine. The other label is in the back right corner and has the number 38 handwritten on it in black marker pen.

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