Child's brown school case made of composite fibre by Duro Travel Goods, circa 1953-1965. The case has two names written on it: Jennifer Andison, crossed out and replaced with Bruce Andison. The Andison family lived in Lane Cove, Sydney until 1964. This school case was handed down to Bruce from his sister Jennifer. In 1964 the family moved to Melbourne where Bruce attended Veterinary School graduating in 1973. He then entered Medical School graduating in 1980, trained as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist and moved to the USA.

Duro Travel Goods Ltd was registered in 1953 (according to the Companies Index held in the Queensland Archives); its name was delisted in 1983.

Physical Description

Child's brown school case made of composite fibre, reinforced with metal edges and fibre corners and a wooden frame inside the lid. The case has a plastic carry handle and locks on either side.

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