Alternative Name(s): Coffee Grinder

The donor received the mill in 1992 from her aunt, Jean Newton, who lived in Ferny Creek and long before had had a guest house in Sassafras. The donor suggests the grinder might have been used there. Its green and cream colours suggest it dates to the first decades of the 20th century, probably between World Wars I and II.

Archibald Kenrick & Sons was established as an iron founder in 1791 in West Bromwich, England, and is still manufacturing on the site more than 200 years later. Kitchen hollow-ware was Kenrick's main focus during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, during World War I it produced grenades and shells for the war effort, accounting for 80% of the company's sales; it also supplied munitions during World War II.

Physical Description

Heavy metal coffee mill which is either clamped to a table or screwed onto a wall. Produced fine or coarse-ground coffee depending on the adjustment of a little wheel on the back. Coffee beans are placed in the hopper at the top of the grinder; a large handle on the body of the mill, with wooden grip, operates the grinding components. The mill is painted cream and light green.

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