Travelling communion set used in the Mayday Hills Psychiatric Hospital by the visiting chaplain (may have been Anglican or Roman Catholic.) Discovered in a cupboard as Mayday Hills was being closed, and donated to the Museum. Used: Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, circa 1900 - 1980

Physical Description

A wooden box with a hinged lid and metal clasp which contains eight separate compartments, storing various pieces of equipment used in the celebration of the eucharist in a Christian service. The box was easily carried, and the equipment easily set up in an informal situation, such as a hospital ward or a dining room. The box, of varnished wood (probably pine) is lined with red velvet, and contains a crucifix made of plated metal, a plated metal oval tray etched with a design of wheat, grapes and a chalice, two plated metal candle- sticks, each stamped "Germany", a plated metal chalice, and a plated metal plate to hold the host, together with nine white candles (some have been lit) and a smaller chalice and a plastic and metal container.


Example of religious ceremonies performed in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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