Victorian Football League (VFL) cards produced by the Argus newspaper in 1953. Known as 'Football Portraits', they could be obtained by sending in four consecutive numbered vouchers found in the Argus. Four cards were redeemed for these vouchers. Six cards from each team were issued. Smaller reproductions (110 x 75 mm) of card numbers 1, 2, 3, 12, 15, 19 and 20 were printed in the paper itself as advertisements for the set. 72 cards were issued, and in terms of the 6 cards represented in the collection, they were assigned the following production numbers: Jack Howell (037), Neil Mann (038), Dave Bryden (042); John O'Mahoney (064), Eddie Goodger (065), Gerald Marchesi (070).

Physical Description

Six football cards. Each card feature a portrait of a player with that player's team colours in the background. On the bottom of the card are details about that player typed in black type-face on a white background.

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