Alternative Name(s): Certificate - World War I

Framed, illuminated certificate issued by 'The Mayor, Councillors & citizens of the City of South Melbourne' to Henry S. Aldred, 'who served his King and Country in the Great War'. The certificate features an outline of Australia, flags and wattle. Inscribed with the artists' names, Goldsworthy and Davey; printed by D.W. Paterson Co. Pty Ltd.

The certificate hung, for a time, in the family dining room. Henry S. Aldred was the donor's father-in-law, who was said to have been killed fighting in World War I.

The inscription '29th A.A.S.C' suggests the recipient of the certificate (the donor's father-in-law) was a member of the 29th Battalion, Australian Army Service Corps, a Victorian battalion attached to the 5th Australian Division.

The recipient of the certificate was probably Henry (AKA Harry) Selby Aldred (no likely alternative with this surname served in World War I). Born in London, he was 21 years old when he enlisted on 17 July 1915, probably living in South Melbourne, and working as a butcher with his father. He was only 5'3" tall. He was given service number 8064, and appointed to the 8th Infantry Brigade Train, 18th AASC. He left Australia in November 1915 on the 'Barkara'. In March 1916 he was transferred to the 29th AASC. He initially served in the Middle East, then in June 1916 he was shipped to Marseilles, France. He was made a Lance Corporal in April 1917. He returned to Australia in May 1919 on the 'Devanha'.

If this is the correct attribution, further research may reveal why the certificate was issued in 1917, while Aldred was still overseas fighting. The donor's recollection that he had died in battle also requires further research.

Physical Description

Certificate ornamented with the flags of the Allied nations, a map of Australia and branches of golden wattle.

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