Paper with Netting by Naomi Ota, 1995. Naomi Ota is a Japanese craft artist who is now a permanent resident in Australia. She draws inspiration for her work from the natural environment, working with materials such as branches, leaves, fur, wool and silk. She has tertiary qualifications in the visual arts specialising in fibre work and has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Kyoto and Melbourne.

Physical Description

Sculptural piece using paper mache and fibre to form a basket shape which is cradled in a fibre net. The net is hand knotted and the thread dyed from maroon to rust. The basket sit on three squat legs and dyed fibre forms undulate over the inside surface. Paperbark has been adhered over the basket surface also. The piece is designed to be presented with another two pieces as a complete installation however it can be considered autonomous as well.

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