X-Ray Cassette and Holder - Watson Victor, 'Model 177', Circa 1950. Made: Watson Victor Limited Watvic. Used at Aradale Mental Hospital, Ararat, Victoria Australia.

Physical Description

X-ray cassette and holder with 2 x 1 metre rods, joined at each end by shallow U-shaped bracket (2 screw holes). Cassettes held in square iron frame (painted black and with 2 curved diagonals) which has tracks top and bottom into which cassette slides. Height can be adjusted by sliding holder up or down vertical rods. Cassette is stain steel tray with thick sides and flat hinged lid, re-inforced by thick metal frame with network of diagonal bars and 2 swivelling shafts across centre which lock in to catches on either side of base. Lid has leather strip handle and hinges and is lined with felt. (Cassette is jammed in holder by 1 securing shaft which is badly bent.)


Example of medical equipment used in psychiatric hospitals in Victoria Australia

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