Alternative Name(s): Foot Warmer

Hindeloopen, foot stove, made by Yoka Van Den Brink in Newport, Victoria, in 1994. The small, portable, wooden box is painted in 'Weekly' colours, terracotta/ tomato with green edges. All sides are painted with floral motifs in 'Hindeloopen' style. Foot warmers were popular and practical during cold winters in the Netherlands. Hot coals in a clay pot were placed inside.

Hindeloopen craft techniques date back to the 16th century, to the port of Hindeloopen, in Friesland in the North of Holland where sailors developed a decorative tradition of hand painting domestic items to add colour to the dark houses through winter. Motifs include flowers, scrolls, buds, birds and sometimes bible scenes and landscapes.

Physical Description

Wooden box construction painted in terracotta/ tomato colour with green edges. All sides painted with floral motifs in Hindeloopen style. Top floral decoration embellished with an image of a bird. TOP: 4 heart motifs carved out of each corner. Circular hole cut out of centre. Signed above central hole. FRONT: open, bottom panel decorative edge. BASE: no decorative painting, signed by maker. with front opening and decorative cut out section on the top. The stove is painted in terracotta/tomato colour with green edges. All sides have been painted with floral motifs in the Hindeloopen style and it is signed on the top and bottom by the maker.


This item is a contemporary interpretation of Hindeloopen folk art. A number of traditional, contemporary and process pieces were collected. The Hindeloopen collection is a contemporary statement of cultural representation, incorporating traditional Hindeloopen techniques and patterns and showing significant adaptation in another country.

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