This is a colour postcard of the Hochgurtel Fountain immediately south of the Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens, circa 1907. The postcard, which is dated 4 August 1907, was printed in Germany by WT Pater.

The Exhibition Building and fountain were built for the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, which opened to visitors on 1 October 1880. The fountain was designed by Josef Hochgurtel, a young German artist from Cologne. It is Hochgurtel's only known piece of work in Australia.

Physical Description

A colour tinted postcard showing the Hochgurtel Fountain in the Carlton Gardens at the Exhibition Building. The fountain is the focus of the photograph and fine detail can be seen on the fountain. There are shrubs and garden in the background, which is tinted in green and orange. The reverse of the card contains a handwritten inscription in brown ink, dated 4 August 1907. There is no stamp.

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