This is a colour postcard of the southern facade of the Exhibition Building 1900-1905. The postcard was sent to Mr HR Welham, Imperial Coffee Palace, Burnie, Tasmania in January 1905.

Although the card has no manufacturer's mark it was most probably made by Robert Jolley of Melbourne. There is an identical postcard made by Robert Jolley in Museum Victoria's collection. Robert Jolley began postcard production in Melbourne around 1900.

The division of the reverse of the postcard, allowing a message to be written on one half and the address on the other, was not permitted in Australia until 1905.

Physical Description

A colour tinted photograph of the Exhibition Building and lake from the south east. The image is surrounded by a grey border with space for a brief message below the image. On the reverse of the postcard is a handwritten address in purple ink. In the upper right hand corner is a Victorian postage stamp.

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