This is a colour postcard of the Exhibition Building, showing the southern facade of the building from south east across the lake circa 1906. The postcard was made as part of the Sunny South Series and is postmarked 4 January 1906.

The flags flying from the Exhibition Building indicate that the photograph used on this postcard was taken during either the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880-1881 or the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition, 1888-1889.

The division of the reverse of the postcard, allowing a message to be written on one half and the address on the other, was not permitted in Australia until 1905.

Physical Description

A colour tinted photograph of the Exhibition Building from the south east showing the lake as extending the full length of the south face, with the building reflected in the water. The building is tinted yellow-gold. A series of red flags fly from the top of the domes and the flag poles beside the lake. On the reverse of the postcard there is a handwritten address and message. In the upper right hand corner there is a red Victorian postage stamp postmarked Melbourne 4 January 1906.

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