The catalogue was published in 1934 by Ramsay Publishing Pty Ltd, 197-207 King St, Melbourne, for the All-Australian Exhibition held at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne between October 13 and November 10, 1934. The Exhibition was conducted by the Victorian Chamber of Manufactures and the Australian Natives' Association, in connection with the Victorian Centenary.

The Australian Natives' Association was a Friendly Society which provided benefits to its Australian-born members. It was a staunch supporter of trade protection and immigration restriction, and Prime Minister Alfred Deakin was a member.

Physical Description

Official souvenir catalogue, yellow cover, 97 pages. The front cover has a black and white photograph of the city of Melbourne in 1934 and coloured hand drawn illustrations representing progress in Victoria between 1834 and 1934. The first shows white settlers arriving, guns in hand, while Aborigines crouch in the background. The second drawing shows an industrial factory with the chimneys belching smoke. Inside, the catalogue has information on Victorian pioneers, Victorian industry and a full list of exhibitors. Advertisements throughout.

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