Book published for the 1866 Intercolonial Exhibition held in Victoria. The book lists the dialects spoken by the Aboriginal people of Australia. At the exhibit of traditional artifacts of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia was shown. The book was published after the exhibition in an attempt to give context to the items that had been on display and the research that had been done before, during and after the exhibition. The book contain six of the various different dialects with a focus on different regions, particularly in Victoria. The English work is given in one com and then the Aboriginal word in different regions are given next to it. The book was printed by Masterman, Printer, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in 1867.

Physical Description

Blue book published for Intercolonial Exhibition 1866 with vocabulary of dialects spoken by natives of Australia. Book was used in conjunction with exhibits of traditional aboriginal artefacts. Contains an introductory piece by Redmond Barry, President of the Exhibition. The language charts are in a fold-out format. The Intercolonial Exhibition 1866 was held at the Public Library, Melbourne.

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