Drawing by Ambrose Dyson, 1952. This cartoon is a riposte to Governor-General Sir William Slim's suggestion that women should 'seek happiness at the stove'. It was published in the Guardian on 11 September 1952. It was exhibited at the Social Realists Exhibition at the Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery in July 1990.

Edward Ambrose Dyson (1908-1952) was a prominent member of the Australian social realist art movement, and contributed a weekly cartoon to the Guardian from 1949 to 1952. His father (Ambrose Dyson) and an uncle (Will Dyson) were also cartoonists. In 1945 he joined the Communist Party and was an active member until his death in 1952.

Description of Content

Drawing - Slim Comforts

Physical Description

Raw wooden framed, mounted ink caricature of Field-Marshall Sir William Slim with three men in top hats being observed by a woman (head and shoulders), a stove festooned with chains and balls bearing slogans such as: Lack of Schools, Unemployment Fears. Press cutting attached to top of cartoon.

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