Alternative Name(s): Poster

Framed notice from Copelen Street Family Centre, formerly the Methodist Babies Home in Melbourne, Victoria. Printed information for visitors hung in one of the dormitories.

The Methodist Babies Home was opened in 1929. Babies, especially from the inner-city slums, were referred to the home through the Children's Court. From 1929 until the early 1970s the Home's role was to care for babies awaiting adoption. From 1974, the direct care of neglected babies was phased out in favour of family-unit-based support services.

Physical Description

Black wooden frame contains brown paper sheet with black printed text. Frame has Perspex cover. Traces of original string for hanging remain; more string has been added more recently, perhaps at the time that the perspex was inserted. Perspex probably added for display purposes at an Open Day - or other anniversary celebration held by the Copelen Street Family Centre in 1970s or 1980s.

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