Young Workers' Patriotic Guild certificate, framed. Made by Harold Herbert, during or before 1917, in the course of World War I. The certificate was awarded to Bobbie Burns a pupil of Kennington Primary School.

The Young Workers' Patriotic Guild was formed in Victorian schools in 1916. Each child who raised one pound 'by personal productive effort' received a certificate. The money was used for the war effort. Ernest Scott, in his Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol X1, lists the sort of work which was done by Victorian school children to raise money.

Kennington lies three kilometres south-east of the Bendigo city centre.

Physical Description

Coloured certificate framed in dark plain wooden frame. The certificate is from the Young Workers' Patriotic Guild, and includes mythical representations of 'Justice' and 'Peace' at the top, together with a female face wearing a laurel wreath. Below the banner headline are two young girls, one shown knitting a black and red sock, and the second holding what appears to be a hammer and a block of wood. The certificate commemorates the work done by a pupil at a Victorian school as a member of the Guild. It is dated 1917, and signed by the Minister of Education, the Director of Education, and the Headmaster of Kennington school. The name of the designer appears at the bottom of the certificate; it appears to be Harold Herbert. Laurel leaves and berries, and the initials 'EVD' [Education Department Victoria] appear at the base of the certificate.

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