Diploma of fifth order of merit awarded to Thomas Gaunt, Melbourne, for microscopes and microscopic appliances, at the Melbourne Internatinoal Exhibition, 1880-81.

Physical Description

Certificate on cream paper, black & grey text, in a heavy cream cardboard frame. At the top, 2 winged angels with trumpets hang either side of a Victorian coat-of-arms, with an Imperial Crown on top. The coat-of- arms has symbols of a sheep (representing fleece), a fish, a bullock and a ship, all being important aspects of the Victorian economy in the 1880s. On either side of the certificate stand 2 classically robed female figures, each on a platform. Inscribed on the base of the left platform is WOOL & on the right, GOLD. 2 female figures sit at the base of each platform. At their feet are groups of children engaged in activities relating to aspects of Victoria's economy: mining, agriculture, manufacturing and the arts. The certificate has an elaborate border bearing the shields and names of the colonies and countries participating in the Exhibition. There is a purple seal of the Exhibition Trustees. This certificate, a Fifth Order of Merit, was awarded to Thomas Gaunt for Microscopes & Microscopic Appliances.

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