Silver medal certificate awarded to Thomas Gaunt, Melbourne for silver and electroplate, at the Melbourne Exhibition, 1872-73. This exhibition was a precursor to the London International Exhibition, 1873.

Lithograph by Charles Troedel, Melbourne.

Physical Description

Certificate, Silver Medal, London International Exhibition black, olive & gold print in a heavy cream cardboard frame. Certificate has an olive border with filigree corner decorations. Certificate has illustration of commemorative medallion, silver, struck for the occasion. On the left of the certificate, the obverse of the medallion shows a female figure, representing Victoria, in classical robes holding a sheaf of wheat. On the right of the certificate, the reverse of the medallion has a border of wheat around the edge with the centre left bare for inscription. This certificate was awarded to Thomas Gaunt, for excellence in workmanship of silver & electr-plate. Dated Melbourne, January 1873 and signed G C Levey, Secretary. The lithograph was done by C Troedel.

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