Pages 314-316 of The Illustrated London News dated 15 September 1888. The pages feature a number of images of the (Royal) Exhibition Building including an illustration of the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition opening ceremony which was held on 1 August 1888.

Physical Description

Pages 314-316 of The Illustrated London News dated September 15, 1888. Page 314 is a double page hand coloured illustration taken from a woodblock engraving showing the interior of the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, at the opening of the Melbourne International Exhibition on August 1. The Governor of Victoria, (Sir Henry Loch) is pictured on the dais as he opens the Exhibition. He is flanked by various other dignitaries. A large crowd has gathered to watch the proceedings. The Organ is pictured in the background of the Great Hall. The motifs decorating the ceiling and walls of the Great Hall are depicted. The curtain across the nave of the Great Hall is tinted in yellow and pink. To the right of the illustration, exhibition cases of ceramics are just visible.

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