Printed in 1901, this is the 'Official Programme of Functions and Displays to Celebrate the Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, By His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York, 6th May to 17th May, At Melbourne'.
In May 1901, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (later King George V and Queen Mary), came to Melbourne to open the first Federal Parliament. The royal visit transformed a potentially dull political event into a grand ceremonial and festive occasion.
This program lists all the official functions organised by the government to celebrate the opening of the first parliament of the commonwealth of Australia. Celebrations ran from 6th -16th May, 1901. The functions are ordered into Day and Evening events. Most took place at Government House, the Exhibition Building or the Town Hall. There was also a Royal visit to Ballarat. A further column lists Evening events 'for Public and Guests of the Government'. These events included 'Illumination of the City, with Bands playing in the streets', 'March of Fire Brigades by Torchlight', 'Fireworks Displays', and a 'Tattoo'. Events marked with asterisks, which included all those evening events for the public, were not attended by Their Royal Highnesses.
There were no events scheduled for Sunday 12th May.

Physical Description

A 48 page, paper booklet, stapled on the spine. It features a number of photographs of notable people, including the Celebrations Committee, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, the Earl and Countess of Hopetoun, and Sir John and Lady Madden. The program of events and functions is printed on the inside page. Each event is then described, sometimes with images of routes travelled and/ or buildings at which the events took place. The names of all the Commonwealth Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are listed, and photographs of some are included.



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