Untitled hard cover book with black and white photographic portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, and the Earl and Countess of Hopetoun. Printed by Osboldstone & Attkins, Melbourne in 1901 to mark the Opening of the First Federal Parliament of Australia which took place in the Exhibition Building on 9 May 1901.

The book was published to promote the significance of the opening of the first Federal Parliament of Australia - 'Never before in history has an entire continent been brought under the rule of a single Government with a Parliament completely representative of a free people, a living expression of popular will - and to promote the purchase of a photogravure print of Tom Roberts' painting of the occasion. The description of the event is very emotive - ... at [the message's] close cheer after cheer was given. ..The sound rang round the aisles and surged through the galleries, a hearty, spontaneous, irrepressible Australian cheer...The Opening of the First Commonwealth Parliament will become a tradition to the generations of Australians yet unborn.'

The book's author expresses his delight that Tom Roberts is to make a large of the ceremony - 'the work of his life' - and provides a brief description of the painting which is currently in progress: 'To lend realism to the scene, the Artist will depict the sun's rays streaming down from the dome overhead, and shedding a golden light over all just at the psychological moment.' Subscribers will receive a photogravure reproduction, suitably framed and measuring about 50 inches by 40 inches. 'We trust the result will be that every home of patriotism and loyalty in Australia will posses a copy of such a faithful representation of the most stupendous event in the History of the British Nation...There is no surer means of inculcating love of country and reverent affection for its traditions and institutions than by placing in an honored place among the household gods a reproduction of some historic event upon which the prosperity and greatness of the nation have been established'.

Physical Description

Untitled book, hard cover, brown fabric bound. Front and back covers are impressed with a border of three thin lines.

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