Printed compilation of images and text first published in The Argus on 2 August 1888. The souvenir was printed by the Deakin University School of Humanities in 1988, the 100th anniversary of the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition which was held in the (Royal) Exhibition Building from 1 August 1888 to 31 January 1889.

Physical Description

Headed Centennial International Exhibition 1888. Contains 12 images showing exterior of Exhibition Building, exhibition Courts, German fountain at night, massed choir, customs officials, official guests at closing ceremony, commemorative medals, preparing the dome and procession of trade societies. Reverse: Headed Melbourne Centennial Exhibition 1888. Contains 8 images showing Centennial International Exhibition certificate, police making an arrest, aerial view of Exhibition Building, closing ceremony, the presentation key and views of the gardens. Small amounts of text provide information regarding the events. Top Right corner has 'Deakin School of Humanities' and University symbol.

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