Print depicting the Exhibition Building and western machinery annexe at the time of the Melbourne International Exhibition (MIE), 1880-1881. Flags can be seen flying from each parapet and central dome, and people are mingling at the building's entrances and on the paths throughout the gardens.

Following a competition held at the end of 1877 for a permanent Exhibition Building in Melbourne, the successful architectural firm of Reed & Barnes was announced in May 1878. Construction commenced in February 1879 and was completed in time for the opening of the Melbourne International Exhibition on 1 October 1880, although touch-up works continued for about a month after the opening.

The MIE was open until 30 April 1881. Over 1.3 million people visited the exhibition during the six months the exhibition was opening; Melbourne's population at the time was around 282,000.
Folder 52B: Building Views Exterior Prior to 1901.

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Exterior views of Exhibition Building prior to 1901 Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens from the south west, 1880

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Black and white wood block illustration printed on paper depicting the exterior of the Exhibition Buildings from a south western vantage point.

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