Double-sided page from The Australasian Sketcher, Saturday 20 December 1879, pp.163-64, published by Wilson & McKinnon, Melbourne.

Wood block cut print displaying the Japanese Court at the Sydney International Exhibition, which was held in the Garden Palace from 17 September 1879 - 20 April 1880.

Reviewing the exhibition, the Sydney Morning Herald observed of the Japanese Court: 'Many other curiosities of novel design and delicate workmanship are on view, and the Japanese, yesterday afternoon, had the gratification of seeing their court made an object of interest second to none in the whole of the Garden Palace.' (Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, 18 September 1879, p.6)

Physical Description

Page 164 consists of two half page black & white illustrations taken from a woodblock engravings, the upper image depicting the Japan Court at the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879, and the lower image depicting a christmas flower stall at the market. In the illustration of the Japan Court, a Japanese attendant in contemporary western costume is showing a formally dressed man and woman through the Court. Objects depicted include traditionally decorated ceramics, chinaware, and objets d'art. Japanese flags, lanterns and paper parasols hang from the ceiling. Page 163 contains three columns of newspaper text, not related to the illustration.

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