Report of the New South Wales representation at the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition prepared by the Commissioner of the New South Wales Court R Burdett Smith and printed by Charles Potter. It was tabled in parliament in 1890. The report includes a full list of NSW's exhibitors with the medals, awards and certificates received. An index at the end of the report includes black and white photographs of the Exhibition Building and views of the New South Wales Court.

The Centennial International Exhibition celebrated 100 years of British settlement and surpassed the grand scale of the1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, attracting over two million visitors (approximately 69% of the colony's population at the time).

Physical Description

A soft cover report, grey cover, 108 pages including a number of images. The British coat-of-arms decorates the front cover. The final page contains a foldout ground plan of permanent buildings and annexes, showing the location of all courts at the Centennial International Exhibition.

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