Cover page and three additional pages (161-162, 175-176) from The Australasian Sketcher, Saturday 3 June 1882, published by Wilson & McKinnon, Melbourne.

The front cover illustration depicts a choir of young women singing in the Great Hall of the Exhibition Building in June 1882 as part of the Queen's Birthday celebrations.

An article describing the event is printed on page 166. Four thousand school children took part in a concert to mark Queen Victoria's birthday (24 May). They sung what was being described as the new anthem, 'Hands all Round', written by the poet laureate Lord Alfred Tennyson.

Physical Description

Page 161 is the front page of the newspaper and has a highly decorative masthead and depicts the word 'Australasian' in an unfurling banner, with side foliate motifs, an artist's palette and brushes, and an ornamented 'Sketcher' with a winged female form emerging from the 'S'. A choir of women stand before the conductor Mr J. Summers, Government inspector of singing in state schools. A large crowd is gathered on the balcony overlooking the hall.

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