Chisel used by Eva Schubert, circa 1996, to carve and sculpt wood in her studio in Nunawading. This chisel is actually for use with a lathe however she used it for many years to carve with.

Eva Schubert was born in the northern German part of the former Czechosolvakia in 1922. After a time as refugees in post war Europe she and her husband lived in Bavaria until immigrating to Australia in 1955. It was in Australia that Eva first began to carve, learning from her husband who was a wood worker who had trained under a master craftsman. After her husband died she took over the business and increasingly developed her own style.

Physical Description

This chisel has a wooden handle, darkened and smooth with use. The handle damaged at top and has split running from top to base from the prolonged action of mallet hitting chisel. A metal neck is fastened to the turned handle and from this extends the metal chisel. The chisel is curved and is sharpened at one end. It has been broken and repaired with solder at some time. A manufacturing stamp appears on the narrow end of the chisel just before the neck. The stamp is of a figure running with saw under one arm surrounded by a circle.

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