Wrought iron lamp made by Massimo Simeoni in Italy in 1921 and used on horse-drawn carts. Massimo brought it with him when he migrated to Australia. In Melbourne he converted the lamp to electricity and it hung in the Simeoni's garage.

Massimo was born 18 May 1908 in Tarcento, and was a fitter by trade. In 1928 he served as a pilot in the Italian Air Force (national service) and was discharged in 1929. He migrated to France (Negrepelisse) with his wife Angela [nee Beltrame] in 1931 and they lived there until 1935. In 1938 they migrated to Australia, on the ship Remo. Massimo was sponsored by his brother Carlo Simeoni who was an active anti-Fascist in Melbourne. In Melbourne Massimo work as a fitter for a number of Australian companies.

Physical Description

Black cast iron lamp consisting of a rectangular box with glass panels on four sides, one of which is hinged. The top is pyramid shaped with a tapered air vent on each side, on top of which is a loose fitting circular cap. Attached to this is a long handle with a large circular loop at the end. A black synthetic cord with a brown bakelite plug extends from under- neath the black cap. Inside the lamp is a metal burner and a modern frosted light globe.

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