Folding Kodak, 'Brownie' Camera, manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company, circa 1915, used by Vincenzo Candela in his photographic business in Viggiano, Italy. He specialised in portraiture, landscape and village life, and had a well established client base. After his migration to Australia in 1920 Vincenzo continued to use his photographic equipment, more as a hobby than a trade, taking photos of family members and friends in his home, with impromptu backdrops such as a rug or a sheet.

Physical Description

Eastman Kodak No. 2A folding autographic brownie camera and leather case. The camera body has rounded ends and is finished in a black textured leatherette covering. A hinged door fitted to the front of the camera can be opened or closed to expand or store the lens housing as required. The lens housing is mounted to a blackened metal plate, connected to a collapsible black paper and fabric bellows which can be extended along a sliding focusing mechanism. There is a swivelling prismatic glass viewfinder allowing photographs to be taken in landscape or portrait format. Fitted to the top of the camera is a spool winder and a leather carry strap. A metal sliding double catch opens and locks the film compartment. The camera is designed to take No. A116 rollfilm.

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