Catalogue, for Tensi Lastre, 1911. Used by Vincenzo Candela in his photographic business in Viggiano, Italy. He specialised in portraiture, landscape and village life, and had a well established client base. After his migration to Australia in 1920 Vincenzo continued to use his photographic equipment, more as a hobby than a trade, taking photos of family members and friends in his home, with impromptu backdrops such as a rug or a sheet.

Physical Description

40 page catalogue with a cardboard cover. The Cover has a brown background with two blocks of orange with white text at the top and bottom and an oval shape in the centre with white text. There is extensive text in Italian, printed in red in the booklet as well as photographs. It is about developing photographs. There are also several handwritten notes at various points in the booklet and Vincenzo Candela's seal has been stamped on the back of the booklet.

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