Made: Barrie Marshall, 1995
Used: circa 1995
This drawing, with the associated drawings and concept plans, was part of the successful entry by architectural firm Denton Corker Marshall for the development of a design for the new Melbourne Museum, planned for a site adjacent to the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens. It was drawn by Barrie Marshall, a partner in the successful firm. The competition was conducted in 1994-95.
This drawing was hung in the Directorate of the Museum of Victoria, 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, from c 1996 to early 2000, when it was removed in preparation for the move to the new Museum.

Physical Description

Framed architectural drawing of the north-south section of the gallery of life at Melbourne Museum, opened in 2000. The impressionistic drawing, done in pencil and coloured chalk, is framed behind a mount of museum board and a silver metal frame.

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