Framed acrylic painting titled 'Bonegilla, A Long Place with Long Things' by Mai Maddisson. Mai painted this work from memory in the 1990s for an exhibition in 1999. Mai arrived in Melbourne as a child on 20 October 1949 on board the MV Fair Sea. Estonian by birth Mai spent time in the Geislingen displaced persons' camp in Germany before migrating to Australia.

Mai describes the painting as the simplification of a place within a child's mind; long huts in long lines which went on 'forever', long narrow beds, long snakes and a big long lake.

Following World War Two and the advance of the Soviet Army across the Baltic States and parts of Western Europe, many Estonians and other Baltic peoples left their homes, living in displaced persons camps in Germany before migrating to countries such as Australia, Canada and the USA.

Physical Description

Framed acrylic painting depicting Bonegilla and its surrounds in vivid yellows, reds, greens and blues.

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