Alternative Name(s): Cash Box
Chief Secretary and Superintendent's cashbox from an early mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia circa 1870. The serial number suggests a manufacturing date in the 1870s.

Physical Description

Double-walled metal cashbox, painted black on the outside and blue inside. The rim around the top of the box protrudes slightly. Just before this on each side of the front is a brass keyhole, with keys. Hooks in the reinforced front of the lid fit into the two locks, set into the front wall. Lock no.2 appears to have been re-attached with solder. Over the front of the box is painted in ornate gold lettering 'Chief Secretary & Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum" On each side of the box is a free-swinging C-shaped handle and on the front of the lid is welded a small, flat, half-moon handle. Attached to the key on the right hand side is a piece of cloth on which this text is written in ink: 'Right hand side - This key does not open the box - without some difficulty. The best way is the [sic] turn first hard as if locking (? - partly illegible) and then unlock. TWJ (?)'. There is a piece of tape tied to the left hand key. The box contains two display cards which may have been used when previously displayed at the Mental Health Library. One reads "Cash box from Head Office, circa 1890'. The second reads 'Chief Secretary and Superintendant's cash box.'

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