Record 'Bimbo/Happy Birthday Song' produced by Playcraft Records, circa 1957. It was given to Marino Dereani for his birthday on 9 October 1957. Georgia Dereani, her husband and infant son (Marino) immigrated to Australia from Trieste, Italy, in 1955. They spent the first five years of their lives in Victoria at Bonegilla Migrant Camp. Georgina and her husband became staff members at Bonegilla and were allocated private accommodation, which Georgina went to great lengths to make comfortable, purchasing many household items around Albury, NSW.

Physical Description

Record with cardboard cover. The front of the cover is red with an image of a young boy in a white shirt and blue jeans sitting down, behind him are small figures in black wearing party hats. The text is in black and there is a hand written note in Italian in black ink. The back of the record lists other records in black print, and has a small image of two young children reading a book.

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