Booklet titled 'Preliminary Embarkation Instructions' issued by the Orient Line for passengers on the RMS Ormonde departing England 17 24 December 1948. It was used by the Wingad family, Charles and Florance and their daughters Brenda and Averil, when they migrated from Burbage, Leceistershire, England on 17 December 1948. They travelled on the ship RMS Ormonde and arrived in Melbourne on 21 January 1949. The family migrated because Charles Wingad was bronchial, and considered both South Africa and Australia. They decided on Australia after Charles saw an add for Prestige Hosiery machinists in Brunswick. Prestige sponsored them and seven other families and assisted with accommodation. Charles' health improved and he lived till 90.

Physical Description

Three page foldout green booklet with printed black text on all sides. The Orient Line logo is on the front cover.

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