Cardboard panettone container, which has been converted for use as a hat box. Angela Simeoni (nee Beltrame), wife of Massimo Simeoni, brought it with her when she migrated to Australia in 1939. Pasticceria Biffi was a popular café and cake shop located in the Victor Emmanuel Gallery in the centre of Milan. The shop is still operating in the same location.

Angela was born on 31 August 1908 in the town of Tarcento, Udine, region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In 1931 she married Massimo Simeoni, also from Tarcento. Before migrating to Australia, Angela and Massimo lived in France, at Negrepelisse where their son William Lucien André was born on 31st December 1932. They returned to Italy in 1935. Angela and her son William (aged 7) were reunited with Massimo Simeoni in Melbourne in 1939, arriving on board the ship Remo at Station Pier on 18 September 1939.

Physical Description

Circular brown cardboard container with lid. The box has metal eyelets around the rim, which have been strung with string. A piece of thick black cord, with wooden balls at each end has been strung through the loops formed by the string. The box has the two address and telephone numbers of the company printed on it, with a picture on either side advertising their wares: bread, eggs, butter and flour on one side and a ladder with a banner on the other. Two hand written labels have been glued onto the lid of the box.

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