A rectangular metal sheet of nine Phar Lap Fine Cut Tobacco tin lid lithographs. These would have been cut out to form the lid of the tins.

The Phar Lap Tobacco Tin was produced by the Myona Cigar Company of Richmond, Victoria during 1931/1932. The company was only in operation for around 18 months.

Physical Description

Rectangular coated tin sheet, with irregular edges. Printed on the front are nine lids for the Phar Lap Fine Cut Tobacco tin.


This artefact communicates very effectively how entrepreneurs anticipated that Phar Lap's immense popularity - serviced by print, film and radio - made him a bankable sports personality. The use of sporting figures in cigarette cards dates from the late 19th Century, but the dedication of an entire brand to Phar Lap suggests new levels of commercial expectations associated with fame. As evidence of mass-marketing, this uncut sheet has a Warhol-esque quality that would not be conveyed via a single tobacco tin.

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