Alternative Name(s): Button, Pin

'Help Others Fair' badge from Camberwell. One of a group of 13 badges attached to a brown velvet ribbon. The badges mostly date from the World War I era, 1914-1919.

'Help Others Fairs' were fund-raising events run by the Salvation Army. One was held in Gawler, South Australia, on 13 September 1922. The fair, explained the Bunyip newspaper, was titled 'Help Others' as 'an indication of the way in which the Army expends its funds in the interests of humanity.' (15 September 1922, p.2) The fairs were connected to a 'self-denial appeal'. Other 'Help Others Fairs' were held in South Australia over the subsequent decade.

The Salvation Army ran a 'Citizens Fair' in Camberwell in 1921, apparently on Monday-Wednesday 15-17 August. Although The Argus does not name use the term, this may be the 'Help Others Fair' referred to in this badge.

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