Wooden box used within the Prince Albert Lodge, part of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, to collect charitable donations from members for the support of widows and children of deceased members. It was used around 1870.

Physical Description

Wooden box, made of cheap varnished pine, with a lid with two brass hinges at the back. The outside bottom edge of the box has a small 'architrave' around it, to give the box more presence. The top of the box is painted in gold paint (now faded) in an ornate shadowed script. There is a slit cut into the top for donations of money, and a keyhole lined with brass in the centre front of the box. The rest of the lock mechanism is missing. The front of the lid is broken off and is missing. There are two small holes drilled into the top of the box at the back. Varnish is worn and faded.

More Information