Pair of modified wooden skis with stocks. These skis were used by Peter Paish on a three month 1,100 mile return glaciological exploration journey from Mawson Base to the Amery Ice Shelf and Lambert Glacier in 1963. The Lambert Glacier (the largest glacier in the world) was reached on 18 December 1963 by the three-man dog-sledging party. The party consisted of Ray McMahon (leader, navigator and wireless operator), Ted Wishant, (Glaciologist) and Peter Paish, (Dog handler, cook, forerunner, in charge of equipment.) Peter skied most of the way to encourage the dogs and to aid navigation.

These skis were modified for touring by removing the metal edges, sanding the bases to make them more concave, and setting the edges with outside edges proud, hopefully to make the skis track better over the Sastrugi (hard snow in wave form.) The small leather strap near tips are to hook stocks through so they could be towed.

Physical Description

Pair of manufactured wooden skis painted orange with cable bindings. They have been modified for Antarctic touring. They are accompanied by two metal stocks with leather handles and straps, and wide baskets to assist with touring (one basket is missing).

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