Carved wooden boot displayed by pupils of Mitchell Public School (between Lithgow and Bathurst), NSW, at the 1888 Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition.

The Centennial International Exhibition, held in the (Royal) Exhibition Building, opened on 1 August 1888 and closed at the end of January 1889. It celebrated 100 years of British settlement and surpassed the grand scale of the1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, attracting over two million visitors (approximately 69% of the colony's population at the time).

Physical Description

Carved wood. The main entry of the boot is hollowed out in depth to the sole of the shoe but is only carved out as far forward as the tongue of the shoe. It has six shoelace holes, but the short lace only goes through two holes before forming a large bow, the tops of the boot are therefore opening out. There is an extra layer of 'leather' on the outer left side of the boot, either for protection or repair.The boot also has a significant hole in the right side and bottom of the boot. The under side of the heel is patterned with twelve small squares for grip, while the front sole has two small knobs on the left and five on the right.

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