Alternative Name(s): boot - Antarctica

Black leather ski boot, made by Tirelli and worn by the donor, Peter Paish, on a 1100 mile dog-sledging journey of exploration from Mawson Base to the Amery Ice Shelf and Lambert Glacier, and return, in 1963.

The donor was wearing this boot when he reached the Lambert Glacier, and they are in the photograph showing the dog sledging party when they reached the glacier. The photograph is in a supplementary file, SH87.136. On the trip, Mr Paish foreran the dogs; 750 miles was skied with a team of dogs (14 dogs, 2 sledges).

Physical Description

It is a strong black leather boot, with laces of black leather, a square toe, and built up heel. There are five metal hooks to fasten the laces. The treads to the boot are worn and dirty. The boot is 'Tirelli' brand, Olympiad 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo 'La Starna Munari'.

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