Made: Kasner & Moss Opticians and Scientific Instrument Makers, 17 Collins Street West, Melbourne, circa 1875. Used: Sunbury, Victoria, Australia. Used in laboratory to determine concentrated strength of spirits, alcohol at Sunbury Mental Hospital. Measures specific gravity. Approx. use date 1880. May have been used to analyse urine samples.

Physical Description

"Sikes" hydrometer, consisting of thermometer, hydrometer and weights. The hydrometer is a round glass float below which protrudes a short stem, swelling slightly at its lower end and finishing in a tiny onion-shaped sinker. A flat stem with measurements 0-10 marked on each side sticks up vertically from the float. The whole instrument is gold-painted. The 9 brass weights (10to90) are shaped like small thick coins with holes in the centre and slits out to one side so that they can be threaded onto the lower stem of the hydrometer. They range from 1.2 to 1.7cm diam. Glass thermometer swells to a small globular mercury bank at base and attaches to flat cream bakelite scale marked 30 - 90 degrees. Hydrometer is in a polished wooden base.

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